Well it was a real mixed bag 2016 had a few surprises, met a few Hollywood stars followed by some Bollywood Stars !

Started the year with a Health Partners TVC in January and finished the year in December on another Health Partners TVC, with a different Agency and

Production Company !

DEC 2016:

Health Partners TVC “ As Generous as You Are ”

          Prod Company: AirBag Productions

Producer: Fiona McGregor

Director: Angie Bird

DOP: Edward Goldner

1st AD: Brad Lanyon

Production Co-ordinator: Carly Maple

Gaffer: Graeme Shelton

Grip: John Smith

DEC 2016:

Some more Drone work for South Australian Tourism, getting some wild footage of the biggest boat to ever arrive in Adelaide. Very Impressive with a great early morning spent at the Port. Ship:  “Ovation of the Seas”

Client: SATC

Ship: Ovation of the Seas

Producer / Director: Mark Evans

Drone DOP: Dai Cooks

Drone Assistant: James Ward Miller

NOV 2016:

Most of November was take up with YHM - Yeh Hai Mohabbatein ( This is Love ) a TV Soapy from Mumbai. But squeezed in a little job for the Seven Network, 2017 News Promos thru Mark Disher.

The 7 Promo Crew

Producer / Director: Mark Disher

Soundman: Ch 7

Jimmy Jib: Assistant

Jimmy Jib Op: Shane Booth

DOP: Chris Herzfeld

Cam Assistant: David Tang

Loc Manager: Mark Evans

Gaffer: Richard Reece Jones

OCT / NOV 2016:

YHM - Yeh Hai Mohabbatein ( This is Love )  was a big production with an Indian and Local Cast / Crew of over 50 People shooting all over South Australia for eight long days.

Being SA Line Producer meant I had to keep them under control as there demands grew so did the production costs. Overall they flew back to Mumbai happy with what they shot and both Local and Mumbai Crews enjoying the experience.

YHM: was a combined initiative of South Australian Tourist Commission and Tourism Australia.

Yeh Hain Mohabbatein (YHM / “This is Love”) is produced by Balaji Telefilms and is aired on Star Plus, a leading Hindi General Entertainment Channel (GEC) in India.


About Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

YHM is the top rated show on Star Plus; a mature love story of an affluent urban Indian family. The program deals with societal issues that people are reluctant to face, and as such, has seen instant popularity among Australia’s target metro-based audience in India. The destination messaging will be integrated into the show by having the lead actors holidaying in South Australia, positioning South Australia as the next holiday destination for potential affluent Indian travellers. The episodes will showcase the top 10 tourism experiences in South Australia, with each element integrated into the script, and key messages contained within the dialogue. YHM is the number one fictional program across all GECs in India.


Arrived back from Kangaroo Island after last day of shooting

YHM ELDER PARK: Waiting for the rain to clear.

SA Prod Coordinator: Deb Liang Birthday Cheers !


Line Producer / Locations: Mark Evans

1st AD: Brad Lanyon

Production Manager: Carly Maple

Production Coordinator: Debra Liang

Locations Assistant: Sarah Abbey

Lighting: Chris Herzfeld

Unit Manager: Steve Russell

Unit Assist / MU/WD Driver: Kym Kornaat

Unit Assistant:Matt Richardson

Unit Nurse: Jared Jeffery

Caterer: Steve Marcus

SEPT / OCT 2016:

October was spent mainly in Pre-Production for YHM to arrive and cleaning up from the Feature “ Hotel Mumbai ”.

Towards the end of September the Indians arrived to recce SA and begin to plan there shoot. 

Well we  picked the worst weather to show the Indians our wonderful State , with torrential rain and crossing from KI back to the main land - Cape Jervis, when the whole State was blacked out. September 28 will go down as the “ Big SA Black Out “. The Perfect Storm was the worst crossing I have ever had on Sealink it was like a roller coaster.

However over the course of a few days we managed to show them:

The Barossa Valley, The City, Adelaide Hills, Glenelg and Kangaroo Island

Mumbai Crew for SA Recce

Balaji TV

Exec Producer: Ketan Gupta

Director:Neeraj Baliyan

Star TV: Ajay Shrivastav

SATC Mumbai: Anjali Ray


JUNE - SEPT 2016:

From June thru to September was basically full time as Location Manager on the feature:  “ Hotel Mumbai ”

Director: Anthony Maras

Producers: Mike Gabrawy, Julie Ryan, Andrew Ogilvie

Line Producer: Barbara Gibbs

1st AD: Chris Webb

2nd AD: Brad Lanyon

Aust Location Manager: Mark Evans 

Anthony Maras looking very pensive during Pre - Production


MAY - JUNE 2016:

A busy month working as Drone Producer thru KOJO on the new SATC SA Campaign. Traveling from Flinders Ranges to the West Coast and Kangaroo Island with every place in between !

In Total there was three Crews working at the same time capturing lifestyle images along with myself traveling separately concentrating on aerials.

Not bad nearly 6000Km travelled in just over 3 Weeks 

Production Company:KOJO

Agency: KWP!

Producers: Elene Pepper, Matty Byrne

A Crew: Producer: Jessie Goninon

DOP: Ben Dowie

B Crew: Producer: Sarah Bond

DOP: David Parkinson

C Crew: Producer: Mark Evans

Drone Op: Tony Driver

Thru: HeliGuys


FEB - MAY 2016:

In May we held the 45th National ACS Awards in Adelaide.

It was a big affair with workshops, special screenings and talks starting on a Friday and continuing thru to Monday. April 29 - May 2.

With Cinematographers like John Seale AM ACS ASC  and David Burr ACS in town along with many others it was certainly a special weekend.

From February there were various Location Scouts thru SAFC for possible new Features that we are still awaiting confirmation?

A small Location job thru Channel 7 for St Johns. which brings us all the way back to January........ You have done well if you have scrolled this far ?


JAN 2016: 

Started the year with a little rush, a location job for Mr Smith out of Melbourne 

for Health Partners thru KWP !

Two day shoot with  many locations from city to beach.... nothing like trying to lockdown locations Xmas Eve and Shooting Jan 7 and 8. 

Title: “ Better Together ”

Production Company: Mr Smith

Producer: Helene Nicol

Director: Craig McLean

DOP: Matt Toll

Production Co-ordinator: Carly Maple

Gaffer: Graeme Shelton

Grip: John Smith

Mark Evans

m: 0418 846 854

e-mail: mark@mevs.com.au